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160 socket welding
160 socket welding

This product is suitable for thermoplastic pipes such as PPR / PE / PB / PE-RT, etc. melt socket welding, replacement of the die can be used to connect a variety of aperture size plastic pipe fittings.

index_03.jpg  Equipment:160 socket welding

index_03.jpg  Welding range (mm):63,75,90,110,160

index_03.jpg  Docking deviation:≤0.2mm

index_03.jpg  Temperature range:0~300℃

index_03.jpg  Temperature deviation:±5℃

index_03.jpg  Total power: 1.5KW/220V

index_03.jpg  Packing Size (cm):69.5*54*53

Drainage layer welder
Drainage layer welder

The series is mainly used for welding low-pressure pipe welding generally used in the same layer drainage, siphon water, water purification project construction.

index_03.jpg  Model: 160 drainage layer welder

index_03.jpg  Welding range (mm): 40,50,63,75,90,110,125,140,160

index_03.jpg  Weldable material:PE、 PP 、PB 、PVDF

index_03.jpg  Power Requirements:220V,50/60Hz

index_03.jpg  Maximum power:2.1KW

index_03.jpg  Cutter power:0.9KW

index_03.jpg  Heating plate temperature range:0-300℃

index_03.jpg  Time to reach operating temperature:<15min

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